Growth characteristics of pullets based on type of housing

Mateo Fabian Itza Ortiz, Jorge Ortiz Ortiz, Héctor Janacua Vidales, Héctor Armando Olguien Arredondo, Juan Alberto Quintero Elisea, Ubicelio Martin Orozco, Carlos Arturo Rodriguez Alarcon


The objective of this work was to evaluate the growth of pullets housed in cages or floor stands. Two hundred birds were randomly sampled per house, from day one to 16 weeks of age. Birds housed on floor stands had the highest body weight and tarsus length, with high correlation between both variables, and the highest cumulative food consumption. The flock uniformity was 89% on floor and 79% in cages. Pullets housed on floor stands have a higher productive performance


population density; yield performance; cage; floor; flock uniformity

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