Effect of applied water on water relations and productivity of 'Crimson Seedless' table grapes

Raúl Ferreyra, Gabriel Selles, Hermán Silva, Rodrigo Ahumada, Iván Muñoz, Verónica Muñoz


This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between water and production in 'Crimson Seedless' table grapes, and to establish threshold values for plants water status. Field experiments were carried out, during a three-year period, in the Aconcagua Valley, Chile, at 32º47'S and 70º42'W, in a clay-loamy textured soil. Different irrigation water amounts were applied, between 40 and 100% crop evapotranspiration (Etc). Stem water potential measured at midday (Ψxmin) and stomatal conductance were closely related to water shortage and yield obtained. Table grape yields decreased in comparison with applied water within the range of studied treatments. Sixty per cent Etc restriction decreased yields in 22%. When plants maintained Ψxmin greater than -0.75 MPa, between berry set and veraison, yield and berry size were high.


stem water potential; stomatal conductance; table grapes

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