Seasonal indices for mean prices received by Chilean apple farmers

Germán Lobos Andrade, Tristán Muñoz Ibáñez


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the behavior of FOB (free on board) average prices for the Chilean fresh apples. Based on this analysis, the average prices received by farmers were estimated. The patterns of seasonally adjusted price fluctuations, received by Chilean apple farmers, were estimated through average mobile geometric method. Estimates considered monthly average FOB prices from January 1990 up to September 2004. Results showed: a low seasonal price pattern; price stability for June and from September to December; the peak value in July. The lowest prices occurred in April and May. From an economic point of view, the main conclusion suggests that apple orchard profitability could be increased by an improved yield planning.


estacionalidad ajustada; promedio móvil; estabilidad de precios; rentabilidad

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