Clinical biochemistry values in serum from grazing Brahman cows

Nestor Alonso Villa, Alejandro Ceballos, Douglas Ceron, Carlos Alberto Serna


This study was designed in order to get the reference values for the concentration of different metabolites included in a standard metabolic profile for grazing Brahman cattle (B. indicus) from Caldas, Colombia. Serum samples (5-10 mL) were taken from 21 healthy grazing Brahman cows to analyse ß-hydroxybutyrate, total protein, albumin, globulines, urea, aspartate aminotransferase (AST), calcium and magnesium. The results were analyzed by calculating range, mean and standard deviation (SD). The reference interval was set at 95% (x±2SD). The mean and SD obtained for the concentration of the different metabolites were: ß-hydroxybutyrate 0.34±0.15 mmol/L; total protein 81±9 g/L; albumin 41±3 g/L; globulines 40±10 g/L; urea 3.31±1.43 mmol/L; AST 158±34 U/L; Ca 2.50±0.21 mmol/L, and Mg 1.40±0.44 mmol/L. The increasing of ß-hydroxybutyrates and globulines, and a high activity of AST were the most frequent alterations. The serum biochemistry values for grazing B. indicus cattle are similar to the described values for B. taurus.


cattle; clinical biochemistry; metabolic profile

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