Body measurements and serum and follicular concentrations of lipids and glucose in fertile and subfertile Brahman cows

Nestor Alonso Villa, Erik Felipe Pulgarin, Paola Andrea Tabares, Eduardo Angarita, Alejandro Ceballos


The objective of this study was to evaluate differences in body size among Brahman cows, grouped according to their fertility, to establish differences in concentrations of cholesterol, lipoproteins, and glucose, in serum and follicular fluid, and to develop a model to predict subfertility in Brahman cows using body measurements as predictors. Registered Brahman cows were selected and grouped in fertile (15) and subfertile (15) animals, according to their calving interval. Samples of blood serum and liquid from follicles (diameter >8 mm) were collected in order to determine cholesterol, lipoproteins, triacylglycerols, and glucose. Subfertile cows had a masculine phenotype, their body measurements were larger than those in fertile cows, and they had lower cholesterol and HDL concentrations in serum and follicular fluid. Cholesterol and HDL between compartments were positively correlated in both groups. Subfertility is more probable in heavier cows with wider shoulders, and larger thoracic perimeter. Body size in subfertile Brahman cows was related to their appearance, and to changes in serum and follicular cholesterol and HDL concentrations.


Zebu; fertility; body measurement; metabolism

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